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Default Re: Return of the MNSH (Murderous Ninja Sniper Halfling)

MNSH vs 7-hex dragon, who wins? The battle happens in an empty Melee arena, which has to be covered. Otherwise the dragon can fly, and wins easy.

It's actually a really interesting tactical battle. The issues I can find are:

* D's breath is a thrown weapon, if it hits, it kills MNSH. And, D has adjDX=14 with breath (before range), MNSH has adjDX=13 (before range) with the shrewd 12-star attack. So if D can get close, he can attack before MNSH and win.

* But if D ever moves more than 4 hexes, MNSH can run up adjacent, and inflict an average of 30+ damage: knocking down D (what a sight that would be!), and definitely putting -2 DX on D, meaning that MNSH will attack first and win next turn. Attempts to rush MNSH and trample don't work as MNSH easily makes 3d/DX save.

* So D wants to get close, but can't move more than 4 hexes. The problem for D is that I can't figure out how D can protect its side hexes in the confines of the arena. Eventually, MNSH is able to move into a side hex for a free attack, and put enough hits to give D a -2DX penalty and win on the next turn.

So MNSH defeats the 7-hex dragon.
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