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Default Re: New Scenario: Gauntlet

This looks fun. The MkIII variant looks especially challenging.

3.2 Why use the ogre ramming rules instead of overruns? Is it unsportsmanlike to use the INF as a fence?

3.3 "They must unstack on the first turn and follow legal stacking limits thereafter."

Is that the 3 INF or 1 armor tan-map limit? Or the 5 armor (15 INF) green map limit? I assume it's the latter. (Dave Crowell picked the other way.) Otherwise GEV-PCs can't work. (There's also the problematic "stacking limits are arbitrary" clause added to ODE.)

Either way considering spreading them out into inconvenient clumps as part of the setup. Maybe anywhere on xx22 hexes would do.

SOL would make a fine title if you want to save Gauntlet for something else.
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