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Default Re: The Whip is just wrong

Originally Posted by David Bofinger View Post
I'm not sure why people think a whip is good for a wizard specifically. It can't be a staff, so a wizard would need a one-turn pause if switching between magic and whip.
The whip wizard carries a ready whip in one hand, and his staff in the other. Very similar to carrying a ready whip and a torch. He fights with the whip until the moment comes to cast a spell, then drops the whip and casts. Requiring a one turn pause seems very harsh. After dropping his whip, the whip wizard has no whip and well might not for the rest of the battle. But he has done no worse and probably better than the wizard with just a staff.

There's explicit allowance RAW for staffs of various kinds, as long as they have the right "shape". If a sword can be a staff then a wooden whip handle seems reasonable too. But these weapon staffs are a contentious issue.

I like the expertise mastery approach for whips and other peculiar weapons a lot. With these kinds of rules in place we don't expect to see whip wizards everywhere.
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