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Default Re: [weapons] giant tungsten warhammer

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
That really would not work. It would let a ST 10 human, with BL 20 lbs., wield a 20-lb. sword one-handed.
Well, if you look at just the weapons in Basic.

It's roughly:
ST: 1h/2h max wt.
6: 1/-
8: 2/4
10: 3/6
11: 5/8
12: 6/10
13: -/12

And if you then say max wt. of a weapon for a ST is BL/5. Then if you squint your eyes a bit, then it roughly matches. But not really.
But I think it's fair to say the weapons ST-requirement for the realistic weapons are eyeballed and fitted to match what makes sense. And not by a formula.
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