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Here's another wizard talent to help wizards with their ST:

Catnap Sleeper (1): You can sleep whenever you want and intersperse normal activity in between; as long as you get enough total sleep hours, you're fine. This allows you to recover an extra 34 - ST in fatigue during sleep if you can intersperse activity among your sleep hours. For example just before the group goes to sleep for 8 hours, a ST 10 wizard can cast all the way down to ST 2, sleep for 2 hours to recover 8 ST, wake up, cast more down to 2, etc. every 2 hours. If casting time is negligible, this allows that wizard to recover an extra 24 ST in addition to the 8 ST which would have been recovered. Wizards pay the stated amount for this talent, the cost is not doubled.

Note: 34 - ST assumes the wizard casts down to ST 2 before the initial sleep period.

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