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Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
It doesn't necessarily need to be a staff. It could be a ring, a pendant, a wand or some other sort of magical storage/focus device.
I do think it's nice that non-staff wizards aren't at a big disadvantage in original Wizard. Staffs are cool and it's nice that they give logical advantages, and charging them seems to fit thematically, but if the Staff spell starts giving a new kind of ST Battery that's better than the existing ST Battery, then:

* it's going to be a huge bonus to those with staffs over wizards without staffs, unless as Chris suggests, you can charge other things. (On the other hand, if you can charge other things, a random thing will tend to have an advantage over a staff in that it's not obvious you have one or what it is (though a staff can be any piece of wood), and so less susceptible to Break Weapon.

* it's going to be a pretty major bonus of wizards over fighters - roughly equivalent in point value to whatever amount a staff can give them in effectively increased ST, moderated by it not soaking wounds, and however inconvenient it is to charge up. It will also tend to lower the barriers of ST to cast on some of the more powerful spells by however much you can get from a staff.

BTW the wizards in our games didn't charge staffs but they did sometimes set powerstones in staffs. Breaking the staff wouldn't necessarily break the powerstone.

Another idea could be to add some offsetting disadvantage to storing power in a staff.
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