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Default Re: Resolving problem with pentagrams and wish contest of wills

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
I really don't think a demon needs to physically touch the wizard to destroy them (although most would probably prefer a more 'hands on' approach if they have the option). They do have the ability to alter reality, after all.

TBH, I think the implied mental invitation would provide sufficient access to the wizard which I think is what warhorse11h is getting at.
Thanks, Tippets TX, that is what I was getting at, but a different thought has struck. ITL LE pg 80 says that a demon may not enter or leave a pentagram or attack across the border of a pentagram. But that leaves what seems to be a valid question. Does a teleporting being pass through barriers or simply disappear from one place and reappear in another? If so, can the demon escape to attack the wizard by teleporting out of the pentagram. Also, a pentagram cannot stop a physical attack from a non-magical creature. So, if the demon materializes outside of the pentagram and picks up the party's barbarian and throws him at the wizard standing in the middle of the pentagram, does the barbarian hit the wizard and knock him out of the pentagram, or does he stop when he hits the pentagram?

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