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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

Following the order of the events:

During the meeting:

Erick, I would like to mess with the elevator's control panel. Basically, a surge should be enough to erase the microcontrollers data without leaving evidence of ergokinetic tampering. Sometimes the stress makes electronics faulty, other times its their bad quality.

What roll would you call for this?

Depending on what you require and the teamís opinion, I will decide when to break the elevators. We have to take into account that this may have a repercussion in the future meeting.

Outside the meeting:

Also, what do you need to have Pacifica look for the cargo-operation hints with the accounts of the potential people in-the-know? Please tell me if I have to take additional measures such as using another terminal, to prevent security from tracking Pacifica's terminal or getting caught in camera doing shady stuff.

Thank you, Gnomes. Hope the brainwash works!
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