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The Void of Knives
Level: (multi)

Weird Faint Purple Ambient Lighting: -6 vision, plus fog
Bridges sway and count as bad terrain
Nature's Strength -8

This room is a seemingly endless void in all directions, faintly lit by a deep purplish radiation with no source and no shadow. (It is the color of a blacklight, but does not make anything glow.) A faint mist adds an additional -1 to vision rolls per 3 yards of distance, with total occusion occuring at -10/30yds distance. Sounds are similarly muted, but at a step of 6 yards rather than 3.

The connections to the rest of the dungeon are arches of (usually) stone that match the destination, set on cyclopean pillars of similar material approximately 2 yards in diameter. Many connections are blocked by cave ins, built walls, or terrible hazards of various kinds. (One has a red field that does 10d of burning damage per second, another simply spews forth an endless torrent of ice cold water.) The connections that are open go to many different parts of the dungeon, making this place a shortcut of sorts, if you can find the pillar you want.

These pillars are connected by narrow 2' wide, 4d*10 yard long bridges of black silken rope and white ghostwood planks, in a confusing web of strange connections that reconfigure when not observed.

Anyone not touching a pillar must roll 3d each round. If they roll 13 they will be attacked by a knife of purpleblack radiance that materializes out of the mist and streaks towards them with lethal intent at skill 13. The angle of attack is random - roll perception with a penalty of 1d-1 to see one coming. A spotter can help here - have them roll perception at 1d-1 as well, allowing a defense at -2 with a shouted warning.

These strange daggers pierce physical defenses and cannot be parried or blocked by unenchanted objects. Damage is 1d imp to a random location, and DR from non magical sources is ignored.

A few bridges are more fiercely guarded, with knives materializing more often, or in greater numbers. Rarely, bridges will collapse under the weight of delvers, transform the planks into skeletons, are coated with acid or poison, turn into razor-lined slides, or animate into great rope and wood worms that grapple delvers and throw them into the void.

Anyone falling into the depths of the void (100' or more down without recovery) should roll a fright check at -10. Regardless of the results, they wake up in the Pit of Death 1d*1d*1d hours later with no memory of anything after the fall, no equipment, and no hair.

Connections -
  • Stone Pillar to Terror Bird Junction
  • Fall into the void to the Pit of Death
  • Potentially anywhere

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