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Sacrifice preparation Room:

There is a secret door in the same hallway as the secret temple. There is a -8 to detect it. The room is shaped like a pentagon. There is a large washing pool in the center of the room. Inscribed at the bottom of the pool is a pentagram. There are small demon statues around the pool. The pool has been dry for a long time and there is dust all over the room. There are four prison cells, one on each wall except for the entrance wall.

Two rooms are empty and the third room has a skeleton. The fourth room has a very old withered man. He is sitting on the floor and seems to be unable to make a sound. If the PCs release him he will thank them and then say he will do anything he can to help them. He claims he was going to be sacrificed but by the luck of the gods he was rescued.

In reality he is a priest of the demon king Bashaari and he was unable to free himself because sacrifice preparation room because the cells block all spell casting. He is very old too because he has demonic blood in his veins. Once freed his first attempt will be to hide his aura at skill 25. He has Power Investiture 9 and Magery 3 and spell skills of 25. He is very weak though so he wishes no harm to the party at first. He will escape to the temple of Bashaari when the opportunity arises. He will take the PCs to the secret temple of the star god if he feels the party is a threat but he will not enter the cave because he really is terrified of the place. He will tell the party that is where an evil cult was going to take him.

His name is Iluk and he was a priest of Bashaari who was searching this dungeon for the cask where Bashaari was sealed. Some how it ended up in this dungeon and a cult was formed in the dungeon to find it. They searched and searched but they could not find it. They built temples to Bashaari but they still could not locate the cask. They did find older structures in the dungeon though. One structure was the temple to the star god. The star god promised to help the cult find their demon prince Bashaari but in the end the cult was subverted and they began to sacrifice themselves to the star god and this is how Iluk ended up in the sacrificial preparation room.
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