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Rebricked hallway

There is a hallway in the dungeon that has a section that appears to have been rebricked because the brick and mortar appear newer and a lighter color. The PCs will notice this with a Per roll. If the PCs use a hammer or pick they can easily break through wall to see that there is a much older hallway that has been blocked off. A scholar will know that this dungeon must have uncovered the old hallway when this Dungeon was being made.

The old hallway is arched and covered with murals. In the first part of the hallway mural the images are of a jungle with dinosaurs and some sort of dinosaur men. The dinosaur men look like a deinonychus humanoid. They seem to be the master of the dinosaurs.

The next murals are of humans in a garden and then the murals show human societies with houses and people doing various tasks.

There is a pit that is open in the floor and a skeleton impaled on spikes coming up from the bottom of the pit. There is no treasure in this pit.

The murals past this section show the dinosaur men riding dinosaurs attacking the humans. Other dinosaur men are using swords and weapons to kill the humans. One gruesome mural shows humans being ripped to pieces by the dinosaur men with their toe claws.

The murals then show a dinosaur man king with many soldiers and wizards around him. There are clerics prostrating themselves toward a symbol of a nine pointed star composed of three interlocking triangles. Beneath the king are many human slaves doing service to the dinosaur men.

There is a real human skeleton on the wall with a spear shot through it. It appears to be a trap that was activated long ago on an unfortunate victim.

The next mural shows winged angels flying down from the sky attacking the dinosaur men. Next there is a mural of an asteroid coming from the sky and then there are murals of fire burning the land and floods drowning the land. The final mural show the dinosaur men excavating tunnels below the ground with doors to keep out the water.

The hallway ends in a crypt with a sarcophagus that appears to be a dinosaur man. The dinosaur man sarcophagus appears to be the crypt of a soldier. It is iinlayed with malacate stone to give the green color to the dinosaur man. There appears to be places for gold inlay and also gems and jewels but these have been looted long ago.

If the sarcophagus is opened there is nothing inside, the skeleton must also have been removed.

There is a strange rod made of oiled ironwood. At the top of the rod is a claw that appears as if it might be a claw from one of the dinosaur men’s toe claw. It radiates no magic so that is likely why it has not been looted.

Rod with claw on top item: This rod has no supernatural energy surrounding it. The claw is indeed mundane and has no special power unless scratched across the floor or wall. If this is done then it activates a deep ancestral memory in any human or humanoid. Whoever hears will feel immediately that this sound is familiar. Those who hear must make a Fright check at -6 or grovel on the floor in terror. Every time the claw is scratched against the wall or floor then roll 3d6. On a critical failure the claw breaks and then it loses its power to invoke the ancestral memory.

The rest of the room is empty other than random debris that accumulates with ages.

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