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Default Re: The World of Dreams

Monster: A predatory feline the size of a mountain lion, with the coloration of a Siamese cat, and a single large eye of pale blue in the middle of its face. It stalks. (I was a teenager when I had that one, and woke up in a cold sweat. I didn't even know that was a literal physiological condition, until that dream.)

Monster: A beautiful female with fingernails that resemble badger claws. She gets close, and then digs them into the guts of her victim. Usually, several of these appear, and when you think you've gotten away from one, another appears and digs in the claws. Eventually, they're all around (dreamed about these, one night, after I had a really spicy bowl of Mongolian beef...).

Treasure: A long black topcoat. You put it on, and step off a high place, and it turns into a large pair of elegant ebony wings that allow effortless flight through a pale blue-white sky. (I've had this dream intermittently -- usually when my life is going well, and I'm pretty happy.)

Location: A giant, round prison with a structure that seems organic. Made of a beautiful, pale gray stone as smooth as porcelain, the interior has ripples and ridges like smoke-colored rose-petals that gradually became steeper, the higher you try to climb the exterior walls. There is no way out, except for a spiral spindle tower that grows from the middle of the vast chamber. Even though entirely contained within the structure, a gate at the top of the spindle tower opens into the pale blue sky. The gate is the only way out, which means the way to escape is to reach the top of the tower at the center of the prison. (I only had this one, once. I left the newspaper business, shortly thereafter, and I never had it, again.)

Location: A maze of black brick buildings, with narrow passageways between them. Entry into the maze induces partial paralysis to the legs, accompanied by a deep ache in the thighs. You can't run -- you can barely walk, and there's no escape, anyway (I've had this one, several times, usually when life hasn't been going so well...). This would be my version of William's "Twisted Place," I'd guess.
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