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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Hm... I should ask around about the planes as opposed to rockets (not the nukes, that might cause a bad problem):
Her research reveals the planes are there to pick up targets: the imperials don't have control of the survey satellites over Lithus: they have to fly missions in order to get reconnaissance. Combine the need to get the data back and the need to fly a fighter screen, its more efficient to send the smart bombs on planes than to use long-range rockets.

Halcyone falls asleep in the afternoon after the long night. Rubrum is also asleep, which makes this sleep excusable. The man is very engaged... the raid seems to have energized the entire base, one way or another.

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Rather than go searching, Vassarious reconsiders and spends a little more time in the sarcophagus. They will see if they can feel any of the magics influencing them while in the form of Maximus, and then will return to their air elemental form and buffet Maximus with some winds to see if they can shake him awake (and so he can fly away if there are any unforeseen consequences to that).
Vassarious feels himself connected to this palace complex... he feels the deep desires of the emperor... to rule... to observe from afar... to preserve the memory of his home... to not interfere unless necessary...

Vassarious has hardly buffeted the man when the eyes flicker open. A strong hand lifts the stone lid, and he sits up. He is grey as a corpse and dressed in finery "I awake. Destroy this intruder."

The soldiers nearby look around for what intruder is being spoken of. The priests standing by with the food and books start reacting almost mechanically, bowing down and moving towards the sarcophagus.
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