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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Is there room for two? If so I will take his form and memorize it...
There is room for two... nice! you can now impersonate him!

After inspecting the sarcophagus, Vassarious will go looking for the high priests in hope of some eaves dropping... If he is unable to locate them, he will head back to his room.
Merely looking around the palace for them blindly won't locate them... do you have a more specific plan to find them?

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Yeah, I have no ideas either. I'll go with staying in the bunker then.
General Rubrum talks the entire time. Half of the conversation is to other generals and the local military staff. The other half is him grumbling to his security detail about the attack. The bombs are being targeted very well, but the planes don't seem to know what is in what building. Sample grumbles:

"Just let us hunker down, Vincio. They have local superiority."

"Hah! they went after arms decoys! Told them the fakes were worth it!"

"They're ignoring that part of the city because there's a cloud there. Obviously. Not because they want 400 yard radius around any traitors. Idiot."

"Launch the attack already! This is the perfect moment. Infrastructure, my <long and colorful expression>"

"He's forgetting we're not on the front lines"

From the sound of things, a lot of damage is being done to the base. The bunkers seem to be same though. Halcyone has a thought flash through her head that its weird that they used planes and not rockets. And that she's glad this place doesn't have nuclear weapons.

The bombing raid is declared over. Rubrum stays in his bunker working for another three hours, and then goes back to bed. He says he'll be having a short day tomorrow: if everyone wants to sleep in the afternoon, they probably can.
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