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Default Diffuse body of swarm with scatter enhancement, and AOE attacks (Mainly Explosion))

Ok. So i have session tomorrow. and i thought from memory I know how this worked. But i unfortunaly remembered it wrong.

So I need quick help.

Long story short, i designed an encounter with a golem, as it gives the 2 big strong characters someone to bash. but i also gave it the ability to sorta morph and change its body shape/type of it and its equipment etc. i also gave it the ability to just, disassemble into the Tick-Tack sized bits and move and reform to continue to guard its charge etc. That gives the wizard and cleric time to cast AOE spells into the goo. Giving them something to do in the fight.

Turns out, i hadnt looked at the rules in a very long time, and i miss remembered them.

so. I need help trying to understand what how in the world damage works with the diffuse swarm. its incapable of interaction with the environment directly.

Both HORROR, and POWERS states that "While scattered, only AOE, Cone, and Explosion attacks can harm you, and only in proportion with the surface they cover. EG. an attack with 5% of your area does 5% damage"

and thats all. no example. nada.

How do i calculate that? and how does that calculate with explosion damage?

like say for example, the swarm takes up a nice round number thats easy to calculate and easy to math.

Say 10 Hexes. and an area create fire takes up 3 hexes. dealing 1d6-1 damage to it. for simplicities sake, well say that it only takes damage once, after that it moves out of the aoe.

By my way of figure, thats 3/10, or 30% area caught in the fire. saying that each of the 3 hexes took 1d-1, that's a total of 3d-3 burning, say you roll average, got 7Pts of burning damage. multiply that by 30%, thats 2 pts of injury.

Is the above correct?

And also, The wizard is almost certainly going to throw an explosive foreball.
looking at an 3d6, or 6d6, or maybe even a 9d6 Explosive fireball spell.

For simplicities sake, well say it was a 6d6 ExFi. How on earth are you to calculate that?

are you supossed to calculate the distance that the damage could possibly be larger than zero to figure out possible Area?

assuming monster has DR 2 for being made of Oricalcum metal, Damage Needs to be at least 3 to cause harm.

for 6d6, thats Ground zero, max-36 ,min-6 , Avg-21
for 6d6, thats 1 yard range, max-12,min-2, Avg-6.67
for 6d6, thats 2 yard range, max-6,min-1, Avg-3.08
for 6d6, thats 3 yard range, max-4,min-1, Avg-1.89
for 6d6, thats 4 yard range, max-3,min-1, Avg-1.27
for 6d6, thats 5 yard range, max-2,min-1, Avg-.96

so, it has an effective range of 4 yard area.hiting 61 total hexes? before being unable to deal damage anylonger.

in the actual real problem at hand, the golem can take up to move 6, meaning the edges can move up to 6 yards away taking up an area of 91 hexes in total.

the above example day droped into the dead center would hit 61/91 hexes or 67% of the area. Would you roll damage for each and every one of those hexes, tally it up, and then multiply it by 67%? or what?

I dont know if i am interpreting this correctly or not? Help Please?
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