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Default Re: Alternate XP progression schedule

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
How about this for an Alternate XP progression schedule:

Attribute increase attempts always cost 100XP.

You pay 100 XP, name the attribute you are attempting to increase and roll 8 dice. If the total rolled is greater than your current attribute total you increase the named stat by one. Otherwise better luck the next time you've saved up 100XP.
I think you've left out how often people get to make the attempt.

Also, since you don't even charge the 100XP for a failure, the cost is just 100 XP per attribute, with some sort of delay added. So experienced characters will end up with piles of XP to spend on talents and spells and wishes (and gold, if the GM allows that), and just waiting until they fail these rolls to advance in attributes. My first thought was to have each attempt cost 100 XP whether it succeeds or not.

I think the roll-over idea is a nice idea with potential - I knew a GM who did something sort of similar for an improvement system in GURPS and other systems, where you gained experience in things only when you failed significant rolls to use those things. In that case, it was a way to combine tracking of how much you were using things to do difficult things in a natural way that had those things improve with a built-in diminishing returns curve.
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