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Okay, extrapolating liberally from the above descriptions, the artwork in the rules, and the movement rates in the rules (which I just doubled for GURPS Move to maintain the relative proportions), and treating opportunities to purchase Rank as individual circumstance rather than Social Regard or Stigma, here's my take on the easy ones:


Snudalians [6]:

Secondary Attributes: Move +1 [5];
Perks: Scales [1];
Features: Yellow or Green w/ Single or Forked Cosmetic Crests & Tails [0];


Frathms [5]:

Secondary Attributes: Move +1 [5];


Smbalites [4]:

Secondary Attributes: HP +2 [4]; Move -1 [-5];
Advantages: Injury Tolerance (No Neck) [5];


Redundans [30]:

Attributes: ST -2 [-20];
Secondary Attributes: Move +3 [15];
Advantages: Extra Arms x1 (Extra Flexible +50%) [15]; Extra Flexible Regular Arms x2 [10]; Extra Legs (3 Total) [5]; Injury Tolerance (No Neck) [5];
Notes: I could see 360-Degree Vision for these guys conceptually, probably with Eye Stalks -20%, but the artwork doesn't depict them that way and they're already the most expensive by far so just add that if you want to.
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