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Default GURPS Znutar?

Years and years ago when there were wolves in Wales and uncles at Christmas, a The Awful Green Things from Outer Space thread happened over on the Board and Dice Games forum.

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
As a board game, it works really well solo or 2-person.

For multi-player, it could be worthwhile to stat up the characters and run it as a GURPS space horror game--possibly with a comic element.
It is probably a sign of how stir-crazy I've gone that, a night or two ago, I was suddenly seized by the desire to create 4e racial templates for the seven species represented in the game, and to design the Znutar and the society that launched it using GURPS Space. So far, all I have are the Redundans' advantages (360 Vision, an Extra Arm with Extra-Flexible, an Extra Leg) and the Ook's disads (No Fine Manipulators, Wild Animal).

Any suggestions?
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