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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Try this one...

In most parallels, the Spanish Flu outbreak comes with the first world war. In this Q7 world, the Spanish flu strikes in 1939.

The PCs are spies with medical skills (Doctors and Nurse Practitioners) who are assigned to surreptitiously vaccinate FDR and everyone else at the White House. This will be a very involved and dangerous mission.

To rev up the threat, get the vaccine into the Kremlin or the Reich Chancery. Note: Hitler was a vast millstone around Germany's neck if he died early it would be hard on the allies.

Note: The vaccine is delivered in a small jelly-bean-like candy. The vaccine is an advanced technology that works against a very wide range of flu viruses. It contains no live viruses and eating more than one is no worse than eating extra jelly-beans.
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