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Default Re: MVDS and Mass Combat, revisited

Originally Posted by copeab
As for artillery, it's given a flat TS of 100 under mass combat rules. Since that's probably for a 105mm piece, it might be reasonable to assign a TS to artillery equal to it's bore. Mortars, being much shorter ranged than howitzers and cannons, would probably have a TS of half bore.
While this is true, mortars are also (in the WWII period) likely to respond faster to calls for fire than artillery, and their bombs are more effective for a given bore than an artillery shell.

I'm not sure what to do about rockets. I probably would not make a distinction between towed and SP artillery for mass combat -- that's more of a strategic distinction than tactical one. Anti-tank and infantry guns, which are normally fired directly, are a different situation, which I haven't my up my mind on yet.
How do they come out if calculated like vehicles with no speed?
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