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Default Re: Campaign Jam: Magic Vrs. Technology

Originally Posted by PTTG View Post
This is a lot like the the previous [GAME] posts such as Cross-Dimensional Fantasy Milieu and other collaborative worldbuilding threads.

Magic and science are often depicted as opposing worldviews; sometimes as differing cosmologies, and sometimes as opposing factions. The purpose of this jam is to build a GURPS-compatable setting somewhere to the "opposing factions" side of the scale.

The rules are simple: Answer one previous question, then ask one or two new questions.

When you answer a question, consider previous answers to that and other questions. You can elaborate on the world fairly widely, so long as the additions make sense in light of the previous responses. You are encouraged to take ideas mentioned in previous answers and weave them into your answers. Most importantly, make sure the world we're building is a coherent place that is suitable for adventures.

Your question must be open-ended, and may or may not include an implied assertion about the world. It's recommended that your question expand on an idea established in any previous answer, but this is not needed so long as the question allows the next poster freedom. You may ask none, one, or two questions, (note the bold,) which can include clarifying grammatical questions under that heading.

Question 1: How are the factions of magic and science opposed? Many small cabals in an otherwise neutral society? Two (or more) large political entities in open warfare? Are many independent nations dominated by one ideology, with a widespread underground following the opposite one? Or something different?

Question 2: What is the TL? How evenly distributed is this tech level?
Question 3: Where would sciences like Astrology, Alchemy, Signumology, and Thaumaturgy stand?

Question 4: Is there a wide gap between TL and ETL? (ie is there a Niven's Law of Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." operating)
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