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Default Re: Misc. Spell questions

Many of these are really good and/or interesting questions that point to undefined parts of TFT - cool!

I'll answer the ones I think have well-established answers:

Drop weapon causes a weapon or shield to drop, regardless of how many hands are holding it.

Magic fist max damage is 3d-6, not 3d-12, so no.

When an Aid (ST) spell wears off, the subject loses that ST. Fatigue used during the 2 turns while the Aid spell was in effect can be counted against the Aid spell, and the fatigue vanishes with the Aid spell. The original Advanced Wizard calls this out as the main way wizards can cast spells with huge ST costs. But Aid spells do not "heal fatigue" on a wizard who already had fatigue before the Aid spell. And (less clearly spelled out, so IMO) it shouldn't let you heal wounds either, even if they were suffered during the Aid spell.

I'm not sure where you get the idea of casting Avert on yourself and that making you immune to hostile Averts. I would say that Avert can't be cast on yourself, though I don't mind your idea as a clever trick.

Reveal Magic has a range of 5 Megahexes in original Advanced Wizard.

Control Animal - no limits mentioned except the IQ saving roll.

In Advanced Wizard, sleepers awake when hit (regardless of damage) or naturally. I'd say fire counts as a hit, but it's a good question.

Mage Sight - what you suggested.

Slippery Floor is cast on the center hex of the affected area, which can be any hex - the rules do say this.

Knowing how much damage people take is up to the players. In a competitive game, you tell your opponent when they hit you and Stone Flesh prevents you from taking damage. In a GM'd game, the GM would rule how clear it is what is happening, and generally would not tell players exactly how much damage everyone is actually taking, nor what the opponents' stats are.

Stop doesn't prevent Teleport - it just lowers MA to zero.

Lightning is the only damage that's especially effective against a magically created Wall. Whether damage has to be in one blast or not was never specified.

The Remove Thrown Spell question is interesting and could have various answers. I tend to think it just removes the effect from one person at a time, but I think it's good to have it able to wake someone asleep from a Sleep spell.
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