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Default Re: [Sorcery] Afflicting someone with Duplication?

Originally Posted by munin View Post
An "evil twin" is a canonical Enemy (p. B135) and afflicting a disadvantage (which is really what you are trying to do) is a lot cheaper than an advantage-based affliction.

I wouldn't get hung up on that. If you "cast a spell" (afflict someone) to turn someone in a crowd into another person's ally, that's fine.
It feels like ignoring the physical/mental restriction is some kinda cosmic rule-breaker enhancement worth at least +50%. Sort of like with Modular Abilities if you want to do physical instead of (+50) or in addition to (+100) mental ones.

Originally Posted by munin View Post
And anyway Powers (p. P41) explicitly mentions that the Summonable enhancement changes Allies from a Social trait to a "supernatural ability" (assumedly Mental).
I agree, since it takes a Concentrate maneuver to do. P154 lists some other transient advantages that use Concentrates...

The upper-right box mentions
any ability that requires an IQ, Will, or Per roll to use is mental, while one that calls for a ST, DX, or HT roll is physical, unless the GM specifies otherwise.
So maybe it could be changed to physical if you put "requires HT roll" on it? Or perhaps it's possible to make an ability BOTH if you have requirements to roll both types of attribute?

Did we ever get any clarification on what B38 meant by "appears nearby" when they are summoned, or "if he is physically present" for being able to dismiss them? Not sure whether that's touch or to go with B101's "Assume that range is 100 yards" and allow people to take stuff like "reduced range" or "melee-attack" on "Allies" to save points.
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