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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

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Could you (TGLS) and Erick elaborate about the intel's reliability?
The intel is pretty reliable. It could run afoul of a schedule change, or of someone walking in at the right moment, but the stats and general behavior are vauge enough that I can say I'll stick to that.

Erick, I would like Pacifica to recall the officers/supervisors in her section and Day’s (assuming that information was available in the mission files).
Let me be clear about the officers: they don't "fraternize" with the enlisted. That means you don't eat together, you don't relax together, and often, you don't work together. They show up at work to give orders, and they are usually off to the side. When speaking with them, you are to be in a very formal and disciplined posture, with rules about not speaking unless spoken to. Each of your Sections has three officers: a guy in charge, and a guy over each other shift. They manage about 60 people at a time. There are NCO's that manage the intermediate layers.

I've actually temporarily lost some of my notes on the individuals on the ship: The USB that served as the main storage in is pieces to be soldered back together right now (cross fingers), and the backup computer is either having CMOS or RAM issues.

What information would you like on the people? Its a lot easier for me to answer specific questions than to generate reams of data for you to sort through.

I would like, as well, have Pacifica recall about the people she always stumbles upon. I want her to think about a (potential) target. There should be something these guys (the officers) always do, leaving them open.
Officers bunk in a different part of the ship than everyone else, so many of them use routes to and from their stations that everyone else doesn't. They will be walking that route alone, not in pairs.

The officer's section of the ship is locked, but if you can get in there, they won't be on high alert.
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