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Default Re: Nordlond Sagas: Three new books for the DFRPG

Originally Posted by tbone View Post
Looking forward to the new books!

Now here's a dumb question:

In the Kickstarters for the earlier GB DFRPG books, lots of pre-release PDF editions were offered, and I have a collection of PDF files with names like Hall+of+Judgment+8x10+PDF+u20190602 and Citadel+at+Nordvorn+PDF+Pre-final+v22 and HoJ2e+Full+PDF+Test+Export+3. I'm not sure that I picked up the final versions. More embarrassingly, I don't rightly recall where the downloads came from – the GB site, W23, or what.

So, for me and anyone similarly forgetful and confused: Where does an owner of GB PDF products go to download or re-download the latest versions?


The short version is my website. I’ll see what the latest version numbers are and post them.

(Most of those came from Backerkit)
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