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Default Re: Combate Épico em Masmorras - Epic Dungeon Grappling comes to Brazil

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
Epic dungeon grappling makes it sound like there'll be a cameo from the Gracies ... I'm assuming not though...
That would be pretty cool, 'tis true.

One of the interesting aspects of this project is that the -ing gerund is not entirely a thing in Brazilian Portuguese, so the core word "grappling" becomes rough. One might think agarrar (grapple or grab) would just get the -ing ending -ando (which is similar to Spanish), but apparently while Google or DeepL will say "yah, sure, you betcha" that doesn't sound right.

In any case, this project has been an interesting exercise in "no, don't use that phrase, use this one" with my translator. Especially since seemingly every second word has eyebrow-raising innuendo implications in Brazil.

We shall see! I'm both excited and nervous about this one. I really want to reach that community - they're vibrant and starved for official or semi-official material. But it's also a hard place to do business for many reasons, so it may not pan out. It also might fund (the $500 goal really isn't much, but it IS something like 250 backers required), but not do nearly well enough to say "do this again."
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