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Default Re: January 7, 2022: Now I'm 3D Printing (Part 1)

Originally Posted by DarkPumpkin View Post
The problem is, that 3D printing is literally another hobby. Synergistic with my current ones, but another whole hobby nonetheless.
And I have too many hobbies as it is...
It's a fun hobby though. And one that sometimes has practical uses. I had the CPU fan on my computer die just the other day. I had another fan, but it was a completely different size and I didn't want to just leave it laying on the heatsink. So I fired up my 3D rendering software, designed a fan adapter bracket, and printed it out. Viola, no need for me to buy a new heatsink/fan combo when I can reuse another fan with the right bracket.

The more you begin working with 3D printers the more uses like this you find for them. I've designed a better coaster for my drinks; made storage boxes/trays for card games; made a housing for a circuit board for a repurposed tablet (turned the tablet into a monitor using a control board; the housing not only has the main circuit board but also the button board and buttons for the monitor controls). I've made dice towers. I've made wall art. I made stands for my Star Trek & Star Wars Micro Machines.

Miniatures are just one of the things I've used my printer for. Unfortunately, at this point I only have a FDM printer, not a SLA. FDM printers are better for large solid objects, not as good for minis. I've gotten some decent minis out of my printer, but I'll never get great minis like you can with an SLA printer.
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