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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

A cell phone is existing tech that you can buy at a corner store though, so it is not quite a magical item (all but the lowest price magical items, 250- magical points, represent months or years of person-days of work). In a TL3 setting, its price might increase 32x, but without a cellular network, a cellular carrier, and an electricity source it is just a useless lump of plastic when its charge runs out (and mostly useless while it has a charge).

Now, if you wanted a magical gadget that could work in any setting with mana, it would be a gadget with the following abilities: Telecommunication (Telesend; Gadget, -60%; Link, +10%; Magical, -10%) [12] plus Mind-Reading (Gadget, -60%; Link, +10%; Magical, -10%) [12]. It would also have Accessories (Encyclopedia, Flashight, Music Collection, Navigation Tools, Radio, and Tiny Computer) [6]. The total cost would be 30 CP (Gadget, -60%, is a combination of Breakable, DR 3, Machine, SM-6, -30%, and Can be Stolen, Contest of ST, -30%). In any area with magic, you can use magical telepathy for communication purposes, and it stores enough residual magic to allow its Accessories to function even in no mana areas indefinitely. Higher functional magical cell phones would add Cybernetic (+30 CP), Sensory (+12 CP), and/or Universal (+30 CP).
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