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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

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Lol - lock this thread you killed it
Yes, it has been a zombie for a while, but I was genuinely interested in exploring whether I had misunderstood the Aeroduel rules and whether bombing rendered the ground vehicles redundant (since what is true for a bike is equally true for a car) and thus undermined the basic premise of the game.

It seems that the bombing rules may not themselves be that terminal. If the strict rules on the projected end point of a bomb i.e. determined directly by aircraft vector and altitude (and not by a simple selection of any target that happens to be in the A/C front arc and a to hit roll) are adhered to then getting them to strike a specific point is hard enough at excessive altitude or speed to balance their potential power.

A/C are probably too hard to hit in general (once speed and range modifiers are taken into account) and air power should be used sparingly, but they equally present little more than a random threat to ground vehicles if they are sensible costed and limited in number. On that basic they add a little colour and force additional design decisions on players (e.g. top armour) and so are fine as occasional scenario additions as either adversaries or objectives.

On the whole I think they work best as NPC vehicles. Player air vehicles should be limited to the very cheapest possible as a friend in the sky or scout but not as the core vehicle.

I'll leave it there I think and archive it for future reference.
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