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Default Re: The Raid: Redemption, a Technical Grappling Analysis

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
I note that if you take the six targeted attack techniques, that's 22 points. Enough for Karate at +5 with 2 points left over. That means EVERYTHING gets better, and IIRC you can Karate-Punch with the tonfa held in reversed grip, so it helps.

Even so, with three tonfa TAs, +3 to Tonfa skill attacks the vitals at no penalty, face at effectively -2 from base anyway, etc. I'd just give higher skill. Karate by +2 with 2 points in techniques, and Tonfa by +3 and spend a point more.
Everything there is 100% spot on, and if I were building for efficiency, that's exactly what I would do, assuming a flexible bucket of points.

However, I was trying to keep Rama's base skills in the "damn good" but not in the super-hero range. Karate 21 is awesome, but Kromm and others have mentioned that Karate 21 is probably the highest skilled dude on the planet, and that once fairly realistic PCs get their skills to the 16 - 18 range, they normally improve by buying up techniques and advantages rather than just dumping more points into RAW skill. That's more of what I was trying to emulate.

Also, the few times you see Rama launch an attack against a foe that is capable of defending, that foe defends successfully. The Karate 21 guy is going to Deceptively Attack mundane foes into oblivion, and that's just not what we see on the screen.

Dumping those points into skills to get him Karate 19 and Tonfa 19 is more manageable I suppose, but still seem high for what we see in the movie.

But you are's the most efficient way to build a capable, well-rounded martial artist.

One thing I've toyed around with is making the Styles in GURPS Martial Arts a bit more expensive, but set the default to all of that style's techniques at full skill. That way you invest heavily into a style, but get more points out of it in terms of being better at all that style's techniques than just raising base skill. I haven't done any actual play-testing of it yet, so I can't say definitively if it's a good solution or not.
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