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Default Re: [MA] [LT] Dueling Buckler and Shield-Hand Knife

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Shows that they thought the cost was worthwhile, which is not the same thing as "insignificant". A skilled warrior might be willing to eat a -2 to skill to gain some extra flexibility or opportunity. Even if that's popular, it doesn't mean that the penalty should be -0.
The penalty is that you use use that hand to block, you can't use it to stab. If you use it to stab, you won't be blocking with it.

Those guys aren't skilled warriors (lets ignore the hokyness of the entire video for the moment), and you can tell that they are pretty comfortable holding those items in that manner. Almost like they were designed to have the option to be held that way.

Of course, if they used it to stab, they'd still take a penalty for OHA.
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