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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

"No, Nothing? If you do feel any of those, let us know immediately."

"This is no dream. Unless we're all dreaming together."

"Yes, an Advanced Neural Interface, or ANI, lets you connect to the comm systems, and the various rooms on the network. You don't have one, and you have no sign of ever having had one." I know there are places where people don't have them, but that's generally the most dangerous parts of earth. And even then, a lot of people have them."

Olive shirted man: "We're going to have to explain everything to her, aren't we?"

Dr. Kuse "I can handle that Zachary. Yes, Olive,you are on a spacecraft orbiting CK093harax. The ship is named "The Beagle", after ship Darwin went to the galapagos islands on. This is the first manned ship to travel to a foreign planet with stalked plants on it. We have a small crew of about 6,000 people. Does that help?"
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