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Two of the small monsters moved left, away from Brendon, while the third moved toward him. The small creature was bringing back the strange spiked weapon with both hands, but Brendunís sword was straight out and in one clean thrust he ran the small thing trough.

The sound of small flat feet slapping on the wet floor came from several directions as Tabitha dropped the brand beside the crossbow, examined it quickly and then went to work cocking it with a lever built into the side of the handle. She stood and drew a bolt from a pouch on her side and then felt a sting on her right leg. One of the creatures had struck her with something. The blow was not hard, but she knew it penetrated her leathers.

Alo moved just a short distance backward, as the two monsters that ran around Brendun came toward her from the left, and another two came at her from the right. Her strange slip, slide, and waving movement seemed to confuse the monsters and not a single one of them managed to land a blow on her.
Waiting to find out what these monsters are and more about the three main characters, especially Alo. I want to know more about Brendun and Tabitha, too, and about their past.
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