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Default Re: Probable Typo in new rules PDF.

Thank You MageSmiley.
You have lucidly expressed a concern I had but hadn't really recognized. I knew there was a reason that not listing walls and barriers separatelyin the contents bothered me. But I hadn't analyzed it.

Also, if we examine the response Darryll gave we see a small example of the issue.
Without a copy of the errata new players will be confused by the Barrel Tokens.

Originally Posted by Darryll View Post
Barriers & Walls?
o In this case, "barrier" is a casual description of an obstacle, just as a player would say "building" or "barrel." Everything in the arena is an obstacle, and if the obstacle is not a car, the icons (or the players) dictate how it works, regardless of what the obstacle is called.
Originally Posted by Darryll View Post
Barrel Tokens
o The terrain icon is an error on the barrel tokens. We are looking into fixing it if possible, but it may be too late. Fortunately, it does not impact gameplay (other than being a bit confusing). It has also been added to our errata list.
I appreciate the effort he has put into gathering the answers. And I undersand that he has no control over the issues.
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