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Default Re: Martial Arts Style Talent

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Looking through the Martial Arts, some of them work well as Talents. These Talents would probably not represent an innate aptitude but rather extreme training and would give a bonus to the skills mandatory for the style, rounded out with Cinematic skills in a campaign that use it. Not all of them would fit - you would need at least 4 skills to motivate a Talent - but it would be an interesting addition. And probably give a reaction bonus to other practitioners of the style.

For instance, the High Medieval Knightly Combat Talent would be:

High Medieval Knightly Combat
5 points
Axe/Mace, Broadsword, Lance, Riding (Horse), Shield, Wrestling.
Reaction Bonus: Other practitioners of the style.
It might synerigize a little too well with the three Knightly Mounted Combat Martial Arts Styles (4e Magic Arts) especially in a cinematic campaign.
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