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Default Re: [GAME] After the End, Worldbuilding

Originally Posted by Luke Bunyip View Post
Comment: It has occurred to me, that as a setting, a group of PCs could be inhabitants of orbital habitats, Luna, Mars, etc.
Originally Posted by dcarson View Post
Unless it is lost...<Snip> ...certain critical parts need industry and supply chains that don't exist anymore.
Comment: My suggestion above was predicated by a question I've been asking myself whilst watching this thread develop, namely "Could I run a game here?", not to mention the metaquestion, "Would it be fun?"
Having an existing industrial base off-planet would suit a setting where the raison d'Ítre for the campaign was getting both down and up out of the Earth's gravity well.

Having said that, if that is not the case, as far as I can envisage, the only real starting points for a campaign are for the PCs to be either members of an NEO+ habitat, trying to carve out a niche back down on Earth, or as members of a community on Earth attempting to deal with a bunch of freeloaders dropping out of orbit. And, as per cannon (see upthread), there's already a Dr Dolittlesque take on Planet of the Apes to contend with (Aka "The Uplifted"), regardless of whether or not the old folks tales about the mythical boogie man, the "AI", are actually based on fact. IMHO, this place is rather busy.

But then, as the expression goes... YMMV.
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