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Default Re: [GAME] After the End, Worldbuilding

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
OK, I think there's enough non-contradiction here.
I'm good with both answers standing.

And while I'm at it... I'll expand my 20 into covering your 24...

Question 24
Are there genetically modified humans out there? If not, why not? If so, what are they like?
(d6 roll: 5 sentences)
Answer 24:
The Selkies are probably the most widely discussed even if they are the least often seen, how someone could survive, thrive, and prefer to live underwater baffles most dry-land survivors.

The Bigfoot (aka Giants, Ogres, Yeti, etc) are pretty easily understood, tough thick skin, fur, thick blunted fingers, thick elephantine feet, small eyes deep set in thick brows with thick shag covering their faces they are designed to survive the coldest, windiest, and most brutal Mother Nature can throw, hardy in both heat and extreme cold, they are the workhorses of the Environmental Works And Reclamation Projects.

The Strix, just larger than American Bald Eagles, the oldest ones as big as a Condor, these are the eyes, ears, and very often brains 'paired' up alongside a work unit of Bigfoot. Though they appear to be built more along owl lines, they are diurnal, just like the Bigfoot, and have no difficulty operating in dusk or predawn light.

There is always talk of 'lion' or jaguar-men', "bred to kill all the remaining humans!", but those are just scare-tales told by the infrequent traders, wanders, or madmen who come in from failed settlements.

Same response as per new Questions as above.

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