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Default Re: [GAME] After the End, Worldbuilding

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
Question 20
Are there any mutants?
(d6 roll: 3 sentences)
Answer 20:
No. Or rather, it's complicated. There are 'colonies' of genetically altered humans, changed by the Offworlders to work on environmental projects or as experiments to see how repopulating would go if the LESI (Let Earth Stabilize Itself) Coalition gains a strong enough demographic to stop all terraforming projects 'permanently' (it's a strong sentiment in the 1%er population, but many of the working class would like to see the Earth become stable enough for their grandkids to repopulate).

No new questions from me, we've got enough still floating unanswered. Specifically:

Question 14, Question 18, Question 21, and Question 22.

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