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Default Re: Collaborative Worldbuilding Threads

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
Depends- what are you aiming to do?
In this case I am trying to gather ideas for a draft setting that is based upon ideas that I find fascinating but don't think I can do justice to on my own. Ironically while they are often present in my settings I find it fairly hard to bring many 'transhuman' features into the foreground of a decent setting. So my fundamental goal is to find a worked example that does this without invoking my personal bugbears of AI and uploading.

In a perfect world I would be looking to get a complete draft that I (or anybody else) could refine and put my own stamp on through a couple of trial sessions.

Realistically I hope that by throwing ideas out and then seeing what comes back and then doing it again that I will get a decent outline and a few good ideas I can build on to create something better than I could do on my own with the initial premise.

I have made a start here with the intention of trying to build up a framework to use with a question game. Now I need to work out how I go forward with it (assuming it generates enough interest).

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