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Default Re: Collaborative Worldbuilding Threads

OK, based on the posts so far my take away is that:

First of all that I shouldn't expect too much out of the project, question games and submissions threads will give me a lot good ideas but I probably won't get more than a very rough outline of a coherent setting.

Secondly I would be best served by using a mixture of approaches, probably guided + voting for building up some ground rules with a question game to add detail.

Third if I want to maximise how long it runs for and how much stuff I get then I would ideally run it on this board to take advantage of the slower turnover (probably not practical if I want to use specific GURPS stuff). Even if I don't I should keep things close to the premise and try to keep some sort of clear lasting record of what has been decided.

Have I missed anything that contradicts or should be added to this list?
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