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Default Re: Collaborative Worldbuilding Threads

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Do you mean using a wiki, using a google doc, or something else when you say: it?
That'd be the Google Hangouts/Docs that johndallman was talking about. Does using that medium get people more involved than using the forum (and mirroring on a wiki, which is my preferred method)?
I suspect that making a wiki more central to the project is likely to increase its longevity and get more folks writing.

Google docs manage simultaneous edits better than wiki's, but they don't preserve history in the same way. The doc is probably better for individual brainstorming sessions than the completed project.
I've used Google Docs, and you can review the history version-by-version or even keystroke-by-keystroke if you need, but a wiki also keeps version/difference history.

I prefer a wiki because of its page and subpage structure, so you can group topics and so on. A doc is a long, linear document, which you can add internal links and structure to, but it still becomes more cumbersome. The wiki I've been using isn't perfect, but I haven't been bothered enough to go shopping for an alternative.
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