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Default Re: Max pluses with talents

By Raw they stack, but a GM is fully allowed to say no t abusive combinations.

In my house rules talents stack to a maximum of +4 but it is mostly because I allow really almost anything as talent that the players can describe as hanging together so characters have a lot of talents normally.

I also use talent cost based on the number of skills(1/skill,minimum 5), similar to the "smooth talent cost" that became an official alternate rule later in PU3. And in my system they do not pay for the skill bonuses that would go above +4. Thus someone with 3 levels of talent A giving 9 skills and thus costing 9 points/level=27 and 2 levels in Talent B with say 7 skills=14 points and if both talents give bonus to the same skill, the total bonus is only +4 not +5, but one of the talents would then be -1 point in final cost.
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