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Default Re: A question on how to use items and helping others

You may CARRY any number of small items (and generally only one Big item, unless something lets you carry more), and the ones you aren't USING are turned sideways to show that they aren't giving you a bonus. So yes, you can carry an item that is only usable by a Dwarf even if you are an Elf, you just turn it sideways.

As for treasure distribution with a Helper, any time you win a combat with a Helper, the Treasures are ALWAYS drawn face-up. How they are distributed depends on what kind of deal was made when the Helper agreed to Help. Usually, in our games, the deal will include not only a NUMBER of treasures, but also specifics of when they are chosen, so you might agree to help for two-treasures, picked first and third, for example.

If you just agree to help for two treasures, and that's all you say, I would think you would leave yourself open to getting whatever two treasures were left over when the person who drew the treasures (which is always the person whose combat it is) was done taking what THEY wanted.
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