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Default Re: GURPS: Ecosystems and Evolution

I don't think that the psionic powers in Alpha Centaur actually fed the life there, just connected it. On the other hand, treating it like mana would be pretty easy.

Another question I need to write down: If you have four animals, A consumes its body weight per day, B is just like A but has trait X and consumes 3/4 its body weight, C is just like A but has the (non-conflicting) trait Y and also consumes 3/4, and D has traits X and Y. How much should D consume?

Let's see:
A has a modifier of 0.8
B has a modifier of 0.6
C has a modifier of 0.6
D probably has a modifier of either 0.4 or 0.45 (additive or multiplicative)

Hmm... I can't currently see any good reason to pick one over the other and I can't think of any RL animals that fit so nicely into the kind of lists I need.
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