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Default Re: Bug report - Modals and multiple monitors

Something I discovered just this last week or so:
In Windows 10 you can press the Windows button + Arrow keys to move an active window around. Pressing Win+Right once will snap the window to the right half of the screen; Holding Win and pressing the right arrow a second time will move the window to the next monitor; continuing to tap right again moves the window to the next next monitor. So if a window opens off screen just hold Win and start tapping the Right Arrow until the window moves onto a usable monitor.

Win+Left Arrow works the same way, but in reverse obviously.
Win+Up Arrow maximizes a window.
Win+Down Arrow will unmaximize a maximized window and minimized an unmaximized window.

Clever, and easy to remember. I don't know if this will work on the Modal windows, but it should work on the Edit and Modifier windows should they open off-screen.

EDIT: The old trick, which I believe should work with the Modal windows is to press Alt+Space. This opens the old system menu for a window; if you press M this tells the menu to Move the window. If you then press an arrow key this will move the window a few pixels in that direction *AND* attach the window to your mouse cursor, which should then allow you to move your mouse around and drag the window onto your screen. Thanks to Bruno for telling us about this trick, as I had to look up her old post (again) to remember it.
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