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Default Bug report - Modals and multiple monitors

Hi - I have a hopefully not too difficult bug report.

Actual behavior: With multiple monitor setups where the monitors aren't always the same arrangement, GCA sometimes puts modal windows onto an inactive monitor. I have been unable to figure out how to bring the modals onto the main monitor and while the modal is expecting input, the rest of GCA is unresponsive and uninteractable. I can get GCA to be responsive again by hitting the right combination of keyboard inputs to navigate the modal, but this is obviously pretty rough if you don't know what the modal says or if it requires text input to complete. The most common sorts of modal that this occurs with are second level modals. I have experienced it most commonly when loading a template which has a series of selections, where some selections have to be customized - for example, many templates include skills which have to specify an area/region (Survival, for example), and while which monitor the first modal appears on seems to be set to the same monitor the main GURPS window is on most of the time, the second level modal is consistently inaccessible. If I switch active monitors, I can often now see the modal as Windows moves all my other windows underneath it on the newly active monitor.

My setup uses a simple HDMI switch to swap one monitor and my TV, since I use my PC to stream media to my TV, but I was able to replicate this behavior by using software to deactivate one monitor while the PC is running.

Expected behavior: Modal windows always appear on the same monitor that the main GCA window is on.

Possible workaround: give users an ability to bring all GCA windows to a single monitor, or ensure that all GCA windows including modals are accessible by hovering over the GCA icon in the taskbar to select and move windows.

A few example screenshots - this is a portion of GCA when I first load it. There is a modal asking for Campaign Settings, and everything below the modal is uninteractable until I fill in the modal.
Here is the hover-over on the taskbar:
If this modal had spawned on an inactive monitor, I'd have no way to bring it onto an active monitor. If GCA itself spawned on an inactive monitor (this occasionally happens, but only if I've been using GCA on the TV), I can hover over the window, click move, and use my mouse to drag it into an active monitor.

I hope this is clear - please let me know if you'd like any more detail. I could also record a short video of me experiencing this issue, if that'd be helpful.
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