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Default Raincoat and Transferal Potion

Hopefully a simple question:

Scenario: Player A and B are fighting a monster. The monster gets buffed and mated and ends up at a value of 74. They're losing, so player B plays transferal potion to transfer combat to player C who is wearing the raincoat (and tinfoil hat, though I doubt that matters here). Is this valid? I guess it depends on ones interpretation of the raincoat card and whether transferal potion is played on another munchkin or on the monster?

If they cannot transfer it to the munchkin with the raincoat, does transferal potion go back into player B's hand (to be able to be played on someone else) or is it discarded having had no effect?

Since it was player A's turn originally, can player B play the potion to transfer it solely to player A.

Thanks for the help.
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