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Default Re: Discussion for new GURPS Traveller PbP game

I'm sure I could somehow manage running 3 PCs at once, but that is indeed a lot of work. Especially if we want to have everyone a least partially fledged out. On the other hand, games that have fewer players tend to live longer and progress faster, since you don't have to wait on a lot of people.

I know this is a very "maybe" answer I just gave, so I'll be clearer: let's do it. What I might need a bit tho, is help in bulding the characters background wise. I can write most of it myself, but I might request a few input here and there just to make them believable. That is, if you people feel up to it ;)

So, I'll start rummaging through my brain for ideas.
What are the actual "jobs" on the ship itself?
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