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Default Re: Traveller miniatures in 28mm in US?

Originally Posted by David Johansen View Post
RAFM has the Citadel Traveller figures by Alan and Michael Perry. And they're very nice but they don't have all the Metal Magic vehicles in production anymore. I don't know if they have the moulds for the Metal Magic K'kree but they don't have them in production, it may be they're too proprietary. One space dog man is pretty much like another but the K'Kree and Hivers are too unique and specific.
You mean Martian Metals, metal magic was a trade name for Hobby Products who did a short run of 15mm Traveller licenced figures as well.

Martian Metals Traveller licenced figures was a much larger line which only the few vehicles from RAFM survived. RAFM was casting for Martian Metals.

Grenadier did some 25mm Traveller stuff back in the day. I have it but it's not great. Not really horrible but not great.
Note Ground Zero Games, UNSC hard suits in 25mm match the Grenadine figs in size and general confirmation, while Denizens Ventuirians make great Zhodani. Though I tend to prefer the Phantom Battle Clones from the Space lourds line in that role. em4 sells them labeled as 28mm they are 25mm as all of Hobby Products Space lords were.

Megaminis came next, I've got their K'kree Newts and Vargr but they decided the line wasn't profitable and stopped before doing Aslan or Hivers. So, while I'm pretty well fixed for Traveller myself there's not much available at this time.

North Star Miniatures Star Grave line that will be coming out in a few months has optional alien heads on the sprues.

I'm sculpting some digigrade aliens myself right now but I've never had much luck casting them. I'll try and get some pictures up later this week.
Mega Minis I missed these, I heard of them after point where I chose 15mm as the size for me.

At this point other than not having K'kree and Hivers, between the acres deck and ground plans sized for 15mm, not mention the scatter terrain and vehicles changing would be onerous change. Though I must say have the start of a 6mm "travel" collection.
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