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Default Probable Typo in new rules PDF.

Tony Hughes pointed out in Kickstarter Update 90 that the just released "Car Wars Kit Rules" PDF is different from the earlier "Car+Wars+Core+Rules" PDF.

The new contents listing is most likely wrong.

The new listing shows that a 2 player box has 2 Wrecks, 2 Barriers, and 2 Barrels. It also shows the 4 player box with 4 of each.

Looking back, Update #83 shows the wreck token sheet tooling with 1 each of wreck, wall, barrier and 2 barrels [why not 4? there's room for 2 more].

Update #86 shows the 4 player Core Box contents as 2 wrecks, 2 walls, 2 barriers, and 4 barrels. So 2 copies of the Wreck Token Sheet.

Also, the "Kit" rules don't list the scenario tokens, but the "Core" rules do, as well as the box.

Neither of the contents in the rules files differentiates between barriers and walls. The photo of the box does though.

This reinforces my question of with multiple packaging options (2-player/4-player/red&yellow/blue&green) why put the contents list in the rulebook? It isn't a rule, and the list on the box should be enough, it wastes space in the rule book and is another place for weird typos to sneak in. I would much rather have had the Crew and Dropped Weapons rules (without their contents lists) in the core book.
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